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The Team (alphabetically)


Ace Baldwin

Ace is a top level PNBA professional bodybuilder, former Marine, and 3D Muscle Journey athlete. As a Certified Personal Trainer since 2000, and founder of Team Super Natural, Ace is committed to helping friends and fellow drug-free competitors with strength & conditioning, nutrition, and optimal, safe contest preparation. Born & Raised in Hawaii, he's a family man, foodie, and animal lover. Ace lives by the mantra "Together, we march forth."

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Brandon Campbell Diamond

Brandon Campbell Diamond is the brains (and brawn) behind Campbell Fitness. In addition to being an athlete and increasing brand awareness for Citadel Nutrition, he runs a very popular YouTube channel that dispenses information on anything and everything fitness and nutrition related.

To see why he's so highly respected among the fitness industry and has 100,000 subscribers to his channel, spend an hour or three on his site. If you'd like to get in touch with Brandon go to our Contact Us page.

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Bryce Lewis

Bryce Lewis is an elite-level powerlifter in the USAPL and APA in the 181 and 198 weight classes. In addition to being an Athlete for Citadel Nutrition, he is the founder of The Strength Athlete, a coaching services company that specializes in drug-free raw powerlifting and natural bodybuilding. He has a degree in philosophy from UCLA and is working towards a degree in biochemistry with an emphasis in neuroscience.

His key lifts include Squat: 610, Bench: 415, and Deadlift: 690.

Key accomplishments include being the Best Overall Lifter at the APA Northern California meet, State Record holder for the USAPL and being Nationally ranked on

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Chelsea Karabin

Chelsea is the first and only female on the CN Team....and for good reason. She is down to earth, extremely knowledgeable, and always trying to help others by sharing her passion for sports nutrition and strength training. She serves as an exemplary role model for both women and men in the realm of fitness and nutrition. 

Chelsea has a B.S. from Marywood University in Physical Activity and a Minor in Nutrition. 
She holds powerlifting records in the state of Pennsylvania for bench press and deadlift in the women's junior division. She is also certified personal trainer as well as a 2nd degree black belt in Tang Soo Do. To check out Chelsea displaying her impressive range of knowledge about sports nutrition and exercise science, check out her popular YouTube channel, ChelseaLifts

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Eric Larocque

Eric Larocque currently resides in Kelowna,  British Columbia,  Canada.  Eric is our first sponsored athlete to come out of Canada.  He has a lot of projects on the go right now with his growing YouTube channel and contest prep venture, Larocque Fitness.

Eric is a NPAA Elite Pro and recently finished second at the INBF Alberta cup narrowly missing out on his WNBF pro card. He currently works with Alberto Nunez and is a 3DMJ athlete.  Eric has huge plans for the next 12 months, such as competing in his first powerlifting competition and growing his YouTube channel. Keep an eye out for updates as he prepares to hit the platform in 2014 and the bodybuilding stage again in early 2015

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Garrett Blevins

Garrett Blevins is an elite level powerlifter in the 220 and 242 class. At a bodyweight of 232 Garrett set the raw all time drug free American record for the 242 class with a 1873 total. He has an undergraduate degree in Philosophy and Theology and is currently working on a Masters of Divinity. His best competition lifts are: Squat 677.9lbs, Bench 479.5lbs, and Deadlift 716.5lbs. Garrett is currently training under the guidance of The Strength Athlete and hopes to take the raw all time drug free record of 1912 this year. If you are interested in learning more about Garrett or about powerlifting in general check out his YouTube page for training logs and instructional videos.

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Michelle Orgeta

Lifting weights began as a hobby for Michelle. It wasn't until her first powerlifting meet in April 2014 where she took her talents to the platform. Some of her current accomplishments are breaking and setting new California State and American records in the USPA Junior 20-23 Raw Female 114 division. Her total qualified her to participate at IPL Worlds where she took third place in her division, hitting a master class total in the 105 open raw division. Her goal this year is to hit an Elite Class total.

Michelle loves to inspire others through her hard work and dedication. She also wants to break the stereotype that if girls lift weights, it will make them muscular and bulky. She resides in San Diego, CA and is also a previous endurance athlete. Follow her on Instagram and subscribe to her YouTube to keep up with her progress!

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Mike Peltz

Mike was a top collegiate athlete playing baseball for Iowa Western and Temple university. He played several years in professional baseball at the AA level. He holds a plethora of real world experience when it comes to athletics, weight training, and conditioning. Mike is tireless in his pursuit of knowledge and devours literature pertaining to training, diet, proper movement, and supplementation on a daily basis. He is currently preparing for his SFG1 certification and becoming certified with Westside Gym and Louie Simmons for competitive powerlifting. Mike is an elite level powerlifter with a 1570lb total in the 198 weight class and most recently a 1704lb total in the 220 weight class. He is also the co-owner of Revolution Training System.

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Carl Nelson

Carl is a natural bodybuilder, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), and 3DMJ sponsored athlete. He began bodybuilding as a teenager and went on to earn a B.S and M.S. degree in engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Coupling his passion for fitness and his expertise in engineering, he founded Brute Belt, a highly functional and innovative dip belt. In addition to being a Citadel Nutrition athlete he is a motivated entrepreneur who plans to change the game with what many would say is the most functional and high capacity load bearing dip belt on the market.

Carl is currently prepping with Jeff Alberts of 3DMJ to target several competitions in Fall 2014 and is looking to win his pro card. He is hungrier and more focused than ever after narrowly missing his pro card by one spot in 2013. One thing is for certain, once Carl steps off that stage he will be looking for that next big goal to tackle....

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Robbie Sardinia

Robbie is an IFPA & NGA Natural Professional bodybuilder and a USPA, APA, SPF Competitive RAW powerlifter on Team Boss Barbell in the 198lb weight class from Northern California. He won his natural pro bodybuilding card in 2010 when he won the NGA Natural Mr. California and has competed in several IFPA Pro bodybuilding events including the 2012 Yorton World Cup Championships as a heavyweight.

His powerlifting and bodybuilding training days did not start until his early 20's after finishing a collegiate golf athletic scholarship at Holy Names University in 2006. Robbie has plans to reach elite totals in RAW powerlifting at the 198lb weight class and to win a professional natural bodybuilding contest in the near future. He looks to be doing this under the coaching of Dan Green while training out of Boss Barbell in Mountain View, CA. Look for big things from Robbie in the coming years.

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Daniel Yeh

Daniel has been swimming competitively since the age of 7 at Swim Atlanta, Dynamo, and eventually Georgia Tech. He has always loved pushing himself inside the pool (and outside of it). Always looking for a performance edge, he became curious about the role supplements play and set out to educate himself. Along the way he stumbled onto the teachings of experts like Alan Aragon. Eyes opened. What started as scratching his own itch and mixing supplements in bulk ended up in co-founding Citadel Nutrition.The rest is history. 

In his spare time he enjoys training for triathlons. Earned a B.S. and M.S. from Georgia Tech. Go Jackets.

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John McMahan

John has always been interested in strength training. His standard routine was more weight/more food, more weight/food, which eventually led to injuries and stalled progress.  He began to focus more on overall health, proper programming and technique, as well as reading and learning more about nutrition and supplements. He understands that training and nutrition are the cornerstones of reaching performance goals, but believes supplements can help. He decided to co-found Citadel Nutrition.

Earned a B.S. from the University of Tennessee and a M.S. from Georgia Tech. Go Vols.

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