Resources is an independent organization that provides unbiased research on supplements and nutrition. 

This site is so useful because it doesn't just reference studies related to the supplement you're looking for, it also considers other factors like study design, number of studies showing benefit, and significance of benefit. If you're looking for evidence-based information on supplementation and want to distinguish between marketing hyperbole and real world effects, check this site out.

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Eric Helms and his body of work is among the very best to learn about training, nutrition, and supplements. Eric also backs it up with in the trenches experience, coaching some of the top natural bodybuilders and powerlifters through his coaching company Team 3DMJ. He is also an accomplished author and researcher, and dedicates his time towards adding to the body of evidence based information in nutrition and training.

Over the years we have consistently relied on Eric's thoughts and work when it comes to supplements in order to help guide many of the decisions we make as a company. 


Some of our favorite links:
Muscle and Strength Pyramids 
Evidence-based recommendations for natural bodybuilding contest preparation.
Meet Eric Helms – Team 3DMJ 
Pyramid Series on YouTube 



Alan Aragon's body of work and Research Review are among the very best resources available if you're looking to learn about training, nutrition, and supplements.

Not only does Alan have the degrees and academic background in nutrition, he realizes they're not the end all be all and constantly pushes himself to stay at the forefront by publishing a monthly Research Review examining relevant scientific studies. It is among the best ten dollars you can spend a month. 

If you're not ready to subscribe, then search for his work on the web and read as much of it as possible. Questions about the Glycemic Index? Paleo diet? Supplement ingredients? Internet debating? Chances are he's weighed in on it. And his opinion matters.

Some of our favorite links...