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Alan Aragon and his body of work was one of the biggest resources in our journey toward learning about supplements. We consider being Alan Aragon approved one of our greatest achievements. We also got a shout out HERE and HERE.   





Eric Helms is legend in our eyes and he helped define our approach to supplements. In Part 5 of the series on Supplementation, he delves into supplement ingredients and what to look for when choosing supplements, such as manufacturing quality and third-party testing. 

A direct link to the video here.
Learn more about Eric and Team 3DMJ here
His highly regarded Muscle and Strength Pyramid books here.



We were excited to do an interview with Reggie Johal, the owner of Predator Nutrition, one of the UK's largest sports nutrition retailers and our European Distributor for Citadel Nutrition Products.


If you're wondering how Citadel Nutrition got started or the challenges we've faced along the journey, check out this interview. READ » 





  Mike Israetel of Renaissance Periodization


Greg Nuckols of Strength Theory